Code Name WS SS
KBSEM Bachelor Seminar
B1 Bachelor´s Diploma Thesis 1
B2 Bachelor´s Diploma Thesis 2
LW Balneology and Wellness
KLW Balneology and Wellness
ZO Basics of Business
RZ Brand Management
KRZ Brand Management
BZO Business
MS2 Business Simulator 2
OD Business Skills
OOD Business Skills
KOD Business Skills
KOTP Business Technologies and Operation
OTP Business Technologies and Operation
BZOP Commercial Business
SZOP Commercial Business
OJ Commercial Negotiation
KOJ Commercial Negotiation
KKGCR Congressional Tourism
KGCR Congressional Tourism
KCB Consumer Behaviour
SCHO Consumer Behaviour
CB Consumer Behaviour
KSCHO Consumer Behaviour
OS Consumer Protection
KOS Consumer Protection
OOS Consumer Protection
STR Consumer Theories and Realia
KSTR Consumer Theories and Realia
KKNP Cooperation in Purchase and Sale
KKO Cooperation in Trade
KO Cooperation in Trade
OKO Cooperation in Trade
KKACR Cultural Atractors for Tourism
KACR Cultural Atractors for Tourism
KKCR Cultural Tourism
KCR Cultural Tourism
OKCR Cultural Tourism
KDMM Destinatin Management and Marketing
DMM Destination Management and Marketing
ODMM Destination Management and Marketing
DMO Documents in International Trade
KDMO Dokumenty v mezinárodním obchodě
KECR Economy of Tourism
ZJ Elements of Quality
KZJ Elements of Quality
KETT1 Enlglish for Tourism and Trade
ECBE European Culture And Bus. Environment
VOVA External Trade Relations A
KVOVA External Trade Relations A
OFT Fairtrade
FT Fairtrade
KFT Fairtrade
OPP Food Products Trading
KOPP Food Products Trading
KFRAN Franchising
FRAN Franchising
KPUSZ Hospitality Services
PUSZ Hospitality Services
OMM International Marketing
MM International Marketing
KMM International Marketing
KMMR International Marketing
MMR International Marketing
KMCR International Tourism
YIT International Tourism
IT International Tourism
MCR International Tourism
KITR International Trade
YITR International Trade
MOB International Trade
ITR International Trade
KMOB International Trade
IRCO2 Interregional Co-operation II
ZBN Knowledge of Materials
KZBN Knowledge of Materials
BZMMA Management and Marketing
KROP Management of Commercial Traffic
RNP Management of Procurement and Sales
KRNP Management of Procurement and Sales
KMS Managerial Simulator
MS Managerial Simulator
DMAR Marketing
DMARA Marketing
KMC Marketing Communication
YMC Marketing Communication
MC Marketing Communication
MK Marketing Communication
KMK Marketing Communication
YMR Marketing Research
MV Marketing Research
KMV Marketing Research
KMR Marketing Research
MR Marketing Research
MNO Marketing Tools in Business
KMNO Marketing Tools in Business
MNCR Marketing Tools of Tourism
KMNCR Marketing Tools of Tourism
MACR Marketing in Tourism
KMACR Marketing in Tourism
DT Master´s Diploma Thesis
BT1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DIP1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DT1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DPN1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
D1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DIP2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
DPN2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
BT2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
DT2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
D2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
MAO Multicultural Aspects of Trade
KMAO Multikulturní aspekty v obchodě
OP Practical Experience Training
YZO Principles of Commerce
KZO Principles of Commerce
KZMA Principles of Marketing
ZMA Principles of Marketing
YZMA Principles of Marketing
KZCR Principles of Tourism
ZCR Principles of Tourism
PR Project
KPR Project
KMANJ Quality Management
MANJ Quality Management
OMANJ Quality Management
SZMMN Retail Management
RTMD Retail Management
BZRM Retail Management
KRTM Retail Management
MMCR Retail Management
RTM Retail Management
KPSRM Retail Management - Case Studies
PSRM Retail Management - Case Studies
KPVSD Rural Business and Diversification
PVSD Rural Business and Diversification
SZOOB SFE Business
SZOB SFE Business
SZMR SFE Marketing Management
SZOMR SFE Marketing Management
SZOT SFE Tourism
KMANP Sales Management
MANP Sales Management
SEM Seminary (foreign teacher, expert)
KSSL Services in Catering
SSL Services in Catering
KUSL Services in Hospitality
USL Services in Hospitality
KSE Social Economy
SP1 Specialization Project 1
OSP1 Specialization Project 1
KSP1 Specialization Project 1
OSP2 Specialization Project 2
SP2 Specialization Project 2
KSP2 Specialization Project 2
KSM Strategic Marketing
KSMA Strategic Marketing
SMA Strategic Marketing
SM Strategic Marketing
OSMA Strategic Marketing
MIB Summer School of International Business
SZCR Tourism
SZT Tourism
BZC Tourism
CR1 Tourism 1
KCR1 Tourism 1
KTOU2 Tourism 2
YTOU2 Tourism 2
CR2 Tourism 2
TOU2 Tourism 2
KCR2 Tourism 2
KSCR Tourism Services
SCR1 Tourism Services 1
KSCR1 Tourism Services 1
SCR2 Tourism Services 2
KSCR2 Tourism Services 2
KPCK Touroperator's Service
DCR Transport in Tourism
KDCR Transport in Tourism
ODCR Transport in Tourism
KMPC Travel Courier Tour Guide
MPC Travel Courier Tour Guide
CKA Travel agencies
KCKA Travel agencies