Offered Courses

The Faculty of Economics offers some courses in English - see the list below. However, these courses are opened only if there are enough enrolled students. For Erasmus students we can organize special blocks of teaching if they are interested.

Students can be offered to study other courses in an individual form. The teachers of the faculty are ready to provide students with individual consultations and with relevant materials in English. Students can also enroll any course offered not only by the Faculty of Economic, but by any of eight faculties within the university.



Department of Accounting and Finance (KUF)
contact person:
Accounting in Trade KUF/YUCO 4 W
Principles of Accounting KUF/YZUC 5 W
Public Finance KUF/YPF 6 W
Securities KUF/YCP 6 W
Financial Analysis KUF/YFA 4 W
Managerial Accounting KUF/YMAU 6 S
Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics (KMI)
contact person: code credits semester
Creation and SW Support for Projects KMI/YTSPP 6 W
E-business KMI/YEBS 5 W
Econometrics KMI/YENM 6 W,S
Financial Mathematics KMI/YFINM 6 S
Mathematics I KMI/YMATI 6 W
Mathematics II KMI/YMAII 6 S
Models of Decision Theory KMI/YMDT 5 W,S
Statistical Modelling and Time Series Analysis KMI/YSMAC 6 S
Statistical Computational Environment and Visualization KMI/YSCEV 5 W
Theory of Probability and Statistics KMI/YTPS 6 W
Fundamentals of Software Engineering KMI/OOOP 6 S
Web Design KMI/YTWSA 6 S
Theory of Probability and Statistics 2 KMI/YTPS2 3 S
Theory of Probability and Statistics 1 KMI/YTPS1 3 W
Fundamentals of Software Engineering  KMI/OOOP 6 S
Information and Communication Networks KMI/OPS 5 W,S
Operations Research KMI/OAA 5 W,S
Department of Economics (KEN)
contact person: code credits semester
Macroeconomics I KEN/YMAE1 6 S
Microeconomics I KEN/YMIE1 6 W
Microeconomics II KEN/YMIE2 6 W
Department of Law and Humanities (KPH)
contact person: code credits semester
Introduction to the EU Law KPH/YLEU 4 W, S
Law B KPH/LAW 5 W, S
Department of Management (KŘE)
contact person: code credits semester
Strategic Management KŘE/YSMAN 6 S
Logistics KŘE/YLOG 5 W,S
Operations Management KŘE/YOM 5 W,S
Human Resources Management KŘE/YHRM 5 W,S
Project Management KŘE/YPM 5 W,S
Management II KŘE/OMAN2 6 W
Managerial Techniques KŘE/OMT 5 W,S
Department of Regional Management (KRM)
contact person: code credits semester
Environmental Management KRM/YEM 5 W,S
Environmental Policy KRM/YENP 4 S
European Integration KRM/YEI 3 W,S
Management of Services KRM/YMS 4 W,S
Regional Planning and Programming KRM/YRPP 5 S
Rural Sociology KRM/YRUS 4 W,S
Green Economy and Sustainability KRM/YGES 5 W,S
Department of Trade and Tourism (KOD)
contact code credits semester
International Trade KOD/YITR 5 W,S
Marketing Research KOD/YMR 5 W,S
Principles of Marketing  KOD/YZMA  5 W,S
International Marketing KOD/OMM 5 W,S
Strategic Marketing KOD/OSMA 4 W
Marketing Communication KOD/YMC 5 W,S
Department of Languages (KJE)
contact person: code credits semester
Business English KJE/YBUEN 4 S
First Certificate in English (FCE) KJE/YFCE 2 W
Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) KJE/YCAE 2 W, S
English for IT in Business KJE/YENIT 4 W
English Language FCE B2 KJE/FCEB2 2 S
English for Commercial Management KJE/ECM 3 W
Enlglish for Tourism and Trade KJE/ETT1 3 S